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We are engaged in breeding dogs of sharpey kind. Unusual and original appearance of sharpey attracts many people. The big variety of colours and types allows anyone to choose an unusual sharpey, not similar to others. Your four-legged friend can be of any colour: blue ,chocolate, cream, lilac, black, red. However we think the most important thing is that your friend pleased you first of all with good character and health.

Our sharpeys are very friendly, there were no cases of aggression towards people, the majority of puppies are very loyal to other animals. Also we pay much attention to the health of our dogs-producers. Our dogs decsend from long-livers sharpeys, and we hope our puppies will live a long and happy dog life.

On our site you can buy a sharpey puppy, look through the photos and get the information about our producers (male and female), choose a dog of sharpey for insemination. We place articles about sharpey kind, tell how to care and keep sharpeys, tell about the treatment of some widespread diseases of sharpeys. You can look through the photos of sharpey -puppies of different colours and different types of hair on the page with sold puppies. If you are already the owner of a sharpey we are always ready to answer your questions.


Blue sharpei

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